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"I thought the online lesson was good, clear explanation and a nice structure. Lots of room for questions and exercises due to the small group size."
Kees Hazenaar
"I am very happy with this online method. You can 'just' actively participate during the lesson and look back at a later time to take notes, really great!"
Harry sterenborg
"I really enjoyed being able to take these lessons digitally! The timing was great and the teacher's dedication was super high, we sparked each other's enthusiasm, it seemed. The pace of the lesson was fine, the teacher had plenty of time for us."
Noor van de Wetering
"I really enjoyed the online lessons, contrary to what I expected. The split screen made everything very clear and there was plenty of room to ask questions."
Bregje Gevaert
"The lessons were very inspiring and technically easy to follow. I was able to follow them very completely and with great pleasure."
Anouk van Brakel
"I really enjoyed it. If I had had to travel to a location, this would not have been feasible for me. And this way of teaching allows you to practice immediately if you have an extra screen. Very nice!"
Jenny Huttinga


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