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Adobe InDesign is an instrumental program for designers, artists, social media executives, or anyone who works in media. When used correctly, it can create visually stunning marketing materials and print-ready publications such as brochures and magazines. For this reason, this InDesign course is perfect for anyone seeking a career in graphic design, media, journalism, marketing, or advertising.

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Why Choose an indesign Course?

Graphic designers, artists, and media executives swear by InDesign because of the program’s enormous array of functionalities. The program can take images from Photoshop, designs from Illustrator, and tables from Excel, and consolidate each element into one beautifully formatted end result.

Designers can use InDesign to create all kinds of documents for publication, print and digital media, including, but not limited to, posters, books, magazines and ebooks. This means it is an extremely useful tool for anyone whose profession involves graphic design. InDesign works best in combination with other CC applications, and it is the most widely used program in the suite. In short, this course will look incredible on your resume, and will put you one step ahead of the competition!

The experts who teach the course work with Illustrator every day, which makes the lessons ideal for anyone seeking a career in graphic design, marketing, or media. Before the course you’ll receive a carefully composed syllabus – a handy reference book in which the theory, technique and home assignments are described in detail.

Graphic Design Courses by Art & The City
Graphic Design Courses by Art & The City

A Proven Method of Teaching

The classes follow a structure that’s developed over years of practical experience. First, the teacher visually guides you and explains how a certain technique works. You’ll then imitate and practice the technique in turn. There is also scope for mutual discussion and feedback among students, and you’re encouraged to ask any questions you may have. Our teachers will often share real-life experiences of their field – something that will prove particularly beneficial for those looking to use InDesign professionally.

Who's this course for?

This InDesign course is ideal for those who want to work in media, design, marketing, or any other role that requires creative vision. Even if you simply want to explore the world of InDesign as a hobbyist, this course is a must.

What will you get out of it?

Once you have successfully completed our Graphic design course, you will receive a diploma. The exam is held via Zoom and consists of three parts: a home assignment, a multiple-choice exam, and a practical assessment. Don’t worry! Should you fail the exam, you are welcome to resit free of charge!

The teachers

All teachers of Art and the City are freelancers who work as graphic designers, illustrators, artists, animators or art directors. Theis makes the feedback you'll receive on your designs immensely valuable. Not only will you learn a lot of techniques, at the end of the course you'll also have a creative network around you.

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having trouble deciding?

Not completely sure if this is the right course for you? Or are you not sure if the beginners level is too easy for you? Perhaps you’d just like to show your portfolio? Art and the City is happy to talk! Plan a meeting with a member of the team via Calendly.

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