Get the Most out of Your Course

How great that you’re going to take a course or online education with us!

Starting a new creative course or education can be quite exciting. But don’t worry, with these handy tips and tricks, you’ll be well-prepared and get the most out of your learning experience! These are our tips. At the end of this article, our (former) students share their tips too!

Extra Screen, Extra Convenience If you have the possibility, a second screen is super handy! This way, you can watch the teacher on one screen and practice on the other. No second screen? No worries! You can also log in on your computer, for example, and use an iPad to combine both functions.

Tips and Tricks for Students Dutch or English Version? No Problem! Don’t worry if you have the English version of the software and the teacher is using the Dutch version. The tools can easily be translated during the lesson, so you won’t miss any important information.

Create a Comfortable Workspace Ensure you have a quiet and comfortable workspace where you can concentrate. A cup of coffee or tea within reach can also help you stay alert during the lesson. Remember to ask if something isn’t quite clear, you’re here to learn and asking is essential!

Preparation is the Key If you’re completely new to the subject of the course, it’s a good idea to inform yourself a bit before the lessons start. For example, watch a YouTube video, open the software and explore the basic functions, or browse through the syllabus. This way, you’ll feel more familiar during the lessons.

Camera On for Interaction Turn your camera on during the lesson if possible. This promotes interaction with the teacher and fellow students, making the lessons even more personal. A lively exchange of ideas is a great way to learn!

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Tips from Students
 If you really want to get the most out of your course, read what a few of your predecessors suggest as tips for new students.

Fiona Soomer: “By doing the homework, you’ll know if you’ve understood everything well and if you’re encountering any problems. I also found it very helpful to review the lessons, then take notes to refer to later.”

Wiard Jaap Laaman: “Try to set a clear goal beforehand so you can focus your entire course on that. Also, consider that the work you want to create can take at least the duration of the education. I developed a website for a client, but it had to be delivered before the end of the education. After delivery, I became less goal-oriented/focused.”

Sandra van Ewijk: “Don’t wait too long to do your homework. Always review the Zoom lesson as there’s so much information being given. And a repetition of the material helps you grasp it faster.”

Bregje Gevaert: “Dive into the module before each lesson so you can get more out of the class time.”

With these handy tips and tricks, you’ll be well-prepared for a successful course experience. Enjoy the learning process and don’t hesitate to ask questions. Our teachers are ready to guide you on your journey to new skills and knowledge! More questions? Check out our FAQ section quickly.

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