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How to Get Financial Support from your employer for a Graphic Design Course at Art and the City

Read all about financial support if you seek a career change.

Are you interested in pursuing a Graphic Design education at Art and the City but concerned about the costs? Don’t worry; there are several ways you can obtain financial assistance to fund your education. Nowadays, many municipalities offer “Training Vouchers” that can cover all or part of your education expenses. In this blog, we will delve into these possibilities and provide you with valuable tips on persuading your employer to invest in your education.  

Training Vouchers and Financial Support

How Much Training Budget Is Available?

One of the first questions on your mind is likely to be how much financial support you can receive for your education. The exact amount can vary depending on the municipality you reside in and the specific regulations in place there. In some cases, training vouchers can amount to a maximum of €2,500. It is advisable to contact your local municipality or government agencies to determine the exact amounts and conditions.

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What Is Training Budget?

Training budget, often in the form of training vouchers, is a financial aid designed to assist people in pursuing education or courses. It is a valuable source of financial assistance for those looking to enhance their skills and acquire new knowledge.

Ask Your Employer to Cover Your Education Costs!

Another option for financing your education is to ask your employer if they are willing to cover the expenses. Investing in the professional development of employees is beneficial not only for you but also for the company. Here are some reasons why your employer should consider investing in your education:

  1. Applicable Knowledge and Increased Productivity: Education provides you with new knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply in your daily tasks. This can lead to a significant improvement in your productivity and efficiency.
  2. Versatile Skills: With additional knowledge and skills, you can be deployed more broadly within the company. Imagine if changes are coming, and you’ve just completed a module in change management. You can then play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition.
  3. Motivation and Enthusiasm: When your employer invests in you, it provides a sense of appreciation and motivation. Learning and growing contribute to more enthusiasm and work engagement, translating into improved performance.

Be Prepared for Questions

It is essential to be well-prepared when discussing financing your education with your supervisor. Here are some questions to anticipate:

  • How much will the education cost?
  • What are your specific learning objectives?
  • How do these learning objectives align with the company’s needs?
  • In what way will this education enhance your employability?
  • What are your long-term plans related to the proposed course of study?


Clear Agreements

A concern of employers may be that employees will seek employment elsewhere after completing their education. To address this concern, you can propose a study agreement. This document can outline agreements such as repaying (part of) the educational costs if you leave the company within a specified period.

Tax Benefits and Subsidies

In many cases, study expenses for education related to your work are tax-deductible. Additionally, there is the SLIM subsidy, a government financial incentive for employers looking to invest in their employees’ development. Check if your employer qualifies!

Willingness to Study in Your Free Time

If your employer is hesitant to grant you time off during working hours for your education, consider expressing your willingness to pursue the course in your free time. This demonstrates your commitment and flexibility.

In conclusion, there are several ways to obtain financial support for your Graphic Design education at Art and the City. Whether it’s through training vouchers, employer financial assistance, or tax benefits, options are available to help you achieve your professional goals. Seize these opportunities and approach your future education with confidence!

P.S. It may also help to request a quote from Art and the City to convince your employer. The investment in your education can yield significant long-term benefits for both you and your company.

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