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Financial Support for Your Graphic Design Course at Art and the City in Utrecht

Read all about financial support if you seek a career change.

Pursuing an education can be a valuable investment in your future, but the costs can sometimes be daunting. Fortunately, there are still opportunities to obtain financial assistance for your education, even now that the Subsidy Scheme for Labor Market Transitions (STAP) is a thing of the past. One of the ways you can receive this support is through the ‘Training Voucher,’ an initiative offered by some municipalities. In this blog, we will discuss how to apply for financial aid for pursuing a Graphic Design education at Art and the City and show you how this works in the city of Utrecht.

What is a Training Voucher?

A Training Voucher is a financial subsidy provided by certain municipalities to help residents finance their education. These vouchers can cover all or part of the costs of your education, making education more accessible to a broader audience.

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Utrecht: Training Voucher for Education

If you are interested in pursuing the Graphic Design education at Art and the City and you want to apply for financial support, you can explore the options offered by the municipality of Utrecht. Utrecht is a city that places a high value on education, and the Training Voucher is one of the ways the municipality aims to support its residents on their educational journey.

How to Apply for a Training Voucher in Utrecht

The process of applying for a Training Voucher in Utrecht is relatively straightforward. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Check your eligibility: Before you begin the application process, it’s essential to check if you meet the conditions set by the municipality of Utrecht. These conditions may relate to your income, living situation, and other criteria.
  2. Choose your education: Once you have determined your eligibility, select the Graphic Design education at Art and the City as your desired course of study.
  3. Visit the official website of the municipality of Utrecht: Go to the municipality of Utrecht’s website at for detailed information on the application procedure and the required documentation.
  4. Call the municipality for more information: If you have any questions or need assistance with the application process, do not hesitate to contact the municipality of Utrecht at 14 030. They can provide you with additional information and guidance.
  5. Submit your application: Follow the instructions provided by the municipality of Utrecht to submit your application for the Training Voucher. Make sure to provide all the necessary documents and information to support your application.
  6. Await approval: After submitting your application, the municipality of Utrecht will review your request and determine if you qualify for the Training Voucher.
  7. Start your education: If your application is approved, and you receive the Training Voucher, you can enroll in the Graphic Design education at Art and the City and embark on your educational journey.

Why Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a creative and highly sought-after field that plays a crucial role in modern communication. Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual concepts that convey messages and enhance brand identity. With the increasing demand for digital and print media, the need for talented graphic designers continues to grow.


If you are considering pursuing a Graphic Design education at Art and the City and require financial support, consider applying for a Training Voucher from the Amsterdam municipality. This financial assistance can help you achieve your educational goals and enhance your career prospects. Contact the municipality for more information and discover how you can fulfill your graphic design dreams without worrying about the costs.



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