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Design with AI leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline creative processes, optimize user experiences, and predict design trends. It empowers designers to focus on innovation and artistic expression while AI handles repetitive tasks. This synergy between human creativity and AI’s capabilities is shaping the future of design.

  • Art & The City’s AI Design course keeps up with the latest AI design trends.
  • Developments in AI are so rapid that new features are often added to AI apps weekly or even daily. The instructor was very responsive to this, sharing his own recent discoveries with the students and keeping us up-to-date with the latest knowledge.
  • The instructor also encouraged us to chart our own course and define our unique style in our AI design work.
  • The major challenge lay in making AI do what you want, not the other way around. This is crucial because AI apps often produce similar results unless you know how to steer the AI algorithms.

I, personally, gained a wealth of new knowledge that I now use daily in my design practice. The AI Design course is highly recommended for both novice and experienced designers!

Ralf, Designer

Art & The City’s AI Design
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