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Pleased to meet you! This is the English branch of the educational institution Art and the City. Founder Francisca Rosner is here to help you with all your questions.

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"We are a group of designers and teachers based in The Netherlands, Doing what we love most - designing and teaching. All we need is enthusiastic students who are willing to learn and become designers themselfs"

Do you have any questions about the courses, don’t know which program to choose, or would you simply like to have a chat and talk about your options of becoming a graphic designer yourself? Send an email to office@artandthecity.com, call Art City on 085 – 130 12 49, use the live chat (WhatsApp) or fill in the form!

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Graphic Design Courses by Art & The City

Attalan Mailvaganam

Attalan graduated from the Industrial Design program (TU/e). He works as a digital UE Designer, where he looks for the combination between digital and physical media.


Ralf Graf

Ralf graduated from the AKI in Media Arts. Now he works as an independent artist and teacher in Kenya and Amsterdam.


Inge Stolwijk

Inge graduated from the KABK in 2009. She works as an illustrator for her studio 'Love You Very Dutch'. Besides that she works as a photographer. She is based in The Hague.

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Raymond de Brieder

Raymond has 15 years of experience as a visual teacher in secondary education. He followed the training for 1st grade visual teacher at WdK.

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