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Graphic Design Full Course

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Become a graphic designer in 6 months with ‘Graphic Design Full Course’ and obtain a diploma. Now available starting every other year in the digital classroom!

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The classes are on every Thursday from 7 – 9 PM. The number of lessons is 24. See the tabs below for all dates. You’ll receive a reminder for each module and the teacher will send you a personal invitation to Zoom. In the shopping cart you can choose an invoice with or without VAT.


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During the Graphic Design Course you learn to work with InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. The first modules start with the much-needed technology. Over time, attention shifts from technology to concept. This means you’ll learn to make posters, magazines and logo’s and really think about the design elements and the way they communicate to your audience.

Since there are many exercises, you’ll gradually fill your portfolio with high quality designs. The development of your own style is discussed in detail. At the end of the training you will have all the skills you need to get started as a graphic designer!

donderdag 5 september 2024 (PSD-Be) Eng
donderdag 12 september 2024 (PSD-Be) Eng
donderdag 19 september 2024 (PSD-Be) Eng
donderdag 26 september 2024 (PSD-Be) Eng
donderdag 3 oktober 2024 (PSD-Ve) Eng
donderdag 10 oktober 2024 (PSD-Ve) Eng
donderdag 17 oktober 2024 (PSD-Ve) Eng
donderdag 24 oktober 2024 (PSD-Ve) Eng
donderdag 31 oktober 2024 (ILL-Be) Eng
donderdag 7 november 2024 (ILL-Be) Eng
donderdag 14 november 2024 (ILL-Be) Eng
donderdag 21 november 2024 (ILL-Be) Eng
donderdag 28 november 2024 (ILL-Ve) Eng
donderdag 5 december 2024 (ILL-Ve) Eng
donderdag 12 december 2024 (ILL-Ve) Eng
donderdag 19 december 2024 (ILL-Ve) Eng
donderdag 26 december 2024
donderdag 2 januari 2025
donderdag 9 januari 2025 (IND-Be) Eng
donderdag 16 januari 2025 (IND-Be) Eng
donderdag 23 januari 2025 (IND-Be) Eng
donderdag 30 januari 2025 (IND-Be) Eng
donderdag 6 februari 2025 (IND-Ve) Eng
donderdag 13 februari 2025 (IND-Ve) Eng
donderdag 20 februari 2025 (IND-Ve) Eng
donderdag 27 februari 2025 (IND-Ve) Eng

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Inge Stolwijk

Inge is your teacher for this full Graphic Design Course
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